Mixed bino–wino–higgsino dark matter in gauge messenger models

  title={Mixed bino–wino–higgsino dark matter in gauge messenger models},
  author={Kyu Jung Bae and Radovan Derḿı̌sek and Hyung Do Kim and Ian‐Woo Kim},
  journal={Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics},
  pages={014 - 014}
Almost degenerate bino and wino masses at the weak scale constitute one of the unique features of gauge messenger models. The lightest neutralino is a mixture of bino, wino and higgsino and can produce the correct amount of dark matter density if it is the lightest supersymmetric particle. Furthermore, as a result of the squeezed spectrum of superpartners which is typical for gauge messenger models, various co-annihilation and resonance regions overlap and very often the correct amount of… 
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