Mix-and-match COVID vaccines ace the effectiveness test.

  title={Mix-and-match COVID vaccines ace the effectiveness test.},
  author={Ewen Callaway},
COVID-19: vaccines, efficacy and effects on variants
Three leading strategies of vaccine development against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID- 19): mRNA vaccines, adenoviral vector vaccines and recombinant nanoparticles are reviewed and the evidence for the effectiveness of the vaccines against those five VoC is explored.
The Coronavirus pandemic – 2022: Viruses, variants & vaccines
COVID-19 Vaccine Anaphylaxis: Current Evidence and Future Approaches
  • W. Laisuan
  • Medicine, Biology
    Frontiers in Allergy
  • 2021
Skin testing, using the basophil activation test, has been used to clarify the mechanism of the anaphylaxis and provide safety information for the next injection and suggested approaches for patients who experienced an immediate severe allergic reaction to the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.


Immunogenicity and efficacy of heterologous ChadOx1/BNT162b2 vaccination.
It is shown that the heterologous ChAdOx1-S-n coV-19/BNT162b2 combination confers better protection against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection than the homologous BNT 162b2/B NT162b 2 combination in a real-world observational study of healthcare workers.
Cellular immunity predominates over humoral immunity after homologous and heterologous mRNA and vector‐based COVID‐19 vaccine regimens in solid organ transplant recipients
  • T. Schmidt, V. Klemis, J. Mihm
  • Biology, Medicine
    American journal of transplantation : official journal of the American Society of Transplantation and the American Society of Transplant Surgeons
  • 2021
Heterologous vaccination seems promising in transplant recipients, and combined analysis of humoral and cellular immunity improves the identification of responders among immunocompromised individuals.
Vaccine effectiveness when combining the ChAdOx1 vaccine as the first dose with an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine as the second dose
A reduction in the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection when combining the ChAdOx1 and an mRNA vaccine, compared with unvaccinated individuals is found.
Immunogenicity and reactogenicity of heterologous ChAdOx1 nCoV-19/mRNA vaccination
Heterologous vector/mRNA boosting induces strong humoral and cellular immune responses with acceptable reactogenicity profiles, and heterologous boosting was well tolerated and comparable to homologous mRNA boosting.