Mitregenin, a New Annonaceous Acetogenin from Mitrephora Maingayi

  title={Mitregenin, a New Annonaceous Acetogenin from Mitrephora Maingayi},
  author={Qiang Zhang and Yingtong Di and Hong-ping He and Shun-Lin Li and Xiao-Jiang Hao},
  journal={Natural Product Communications},
From Mitrephora maingayi, a new C21-type Annonaceous acetogenin (1) has been isolated, along with a biogenetically related known compound, oropheic acid (2). Their structures were elucidated on the basis of extensive spectroscopic analysis. The insecticidal activity of 1 was also assessed. 

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Acetogenins from Annonaceae.

The aim of the present contribution is to summarize chemical and biological reports published since 1997 on annonaceous acetogenins and synthetic acetogenin mimics to summarize their cytotoxicity for cancer cell lines, neurotoxicity, pesticidal effects, and miscellaneous activities.

Two new linear acetogenins from the fruits of Goniothalamus gracilipes

Two new linear acetogenins and methylsaccopetrin A along with seven known compounds isolated from the fruits of Goniothalamus gracilipes Bân showed cytotoxic activity against KB cell line with IC50 values of 14.6 and 15.3 μM.

A new dihydrobenzofuran lignan and potential α-glucosidase inhibitory activity of isolated compounds from Mitrephora teysmannii

Among these isolates, polyacetylenic acids 3 and 4 showed more than 20-fold much higher activity compared with that of the antidiabetic drug acarbose.

Polyynes in Food



A novel alkaloid from Mitrephora maingayi

A novel alkaloid, maingayinine, together with dicentrinone, dicentrinene, L-2-O-methyl-chiro-inositol, allantoin, glaucine, N-phenyl-2-naphthylamine, terephthalic acid and ayanin, was isolated from

5-Oxonoraporphines from Mitrephora cf. maingayi.

Two new 5-oxonoraporphines, 1 and 2, together with three known compounds, ouregidione, 3-methoxycepharadione B, and isoelemicin, have been isolated from the bark of Mitrephora cf. maingayi.

Recent advances in Annonaceous acetogenins.

Hough most acetogenins have high potencies among several solid human tumour cells lines, some of the derivatives within the different structural types and some positional isomers show remarkable selectivities among certain cell lines, e.g. against prostate cancer (PC-3).

Use of on-flow LC/1H NMR for the study of an antioxidant fraction from Orophea enneandra and isolation of a polyacetylene, lignans, and a tocopherol derivative.

The possibilities and limits of on-flow LC/1H NMR in this type of study are indicated.