Mitral annulus calcification and embolism.

  title={Mitral annulus calcification and embolism.},
  author={Christian M. Jespersen and Henrik Egeblad},
  journal={Acta medica Scandinavica},
  volume={222 1},
Of 388 patients consecutively referred to echocardiography, 49 were suspected of having a cardiac source of systemic arterial embolism (SE). Mitral annulus calcification (MAC) was revealed in 27% of the patients with SE and in 8% of the remaining patients (p less than 0.05). The group of patients with SE were slightly older (median age 67 years) and included more female patients (47%) compared to the group without SE (62 years, p less than 0.05; 40% female patients, p greater than 0.05… CONTINUE READING