Mitral annular size and shape in sheep with annuloplasty rings.

  title={Mitral annular size and shape in sheep with annuloplasty rings.},
  author={Julie R Glasson and G Randall Green and J Francisco Nistal and Paul Dagum and Masashi Komeda and George T. Daughters and Ann F. Bolger and Linda E Foppiano and Neil B. Ingels and D. C. Miller},
  journal={The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery},
  volume={117 2},
BACKGROUND Mitral annuloplasty is an important element of most mitral repairs, yet the effects of various types of annuloplasty rings on mitral annular dynamics are still debated. Recent studies suggest that flexible rings preserve physiologic mitral annular area change during the cardiac cycle, while rigid rings do not. METHODS To clarify the effects of mitral ring annuloplasty on mitral annular dynamic geometry, we sutured 8 radiopaque markers equidistantly around the mitral anulus in 3… CONTINUE READING
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