Mitral annular flexibility.

  title={Mitral annular flexibility.},
  author={Takeshi Komoda and Roland Hetzer and J H Oellinger and H Sinlawski and Jeremy Hofmeister and Michael H{\"u}bler and Roland Felix and Chikao Uyama and Hajime Maeta},
  journal={Journal of cardiac surgery},
  volume={12 2},
An analysis of three-dimensional movement of the mitral valve annulus (MVA) may address the question of geometrical change after mitral valve repair to preserve mitral annular function. Conventionally, annular contraction has been studied for this purpose. We investigated this geometrical change occurring in the anterior half of the MVA and discuss its clinical significance. Three-dimensional images of the MVA during systole were reconstructed from magnetic resonance images of eight normal… CONTINUE READING
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