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Mitoxantrone ability to induce premature senescence in human dental pulp stem cells and human dermal fibroblasts.

  title={Mitoxantrone ability to induce premature senescence in human dental pulp stem cells and human dermal fibroblasts.},
  author={M. Seifrtov{\'a} and R. Havelek and T. Soukup and A. Filipov{\'a} and J. Mokrỳ and M. Řez{\'a}{\vc}ov{\'a}},
  journal={Journal of physiology and pharmacology : an official journal of the Polish Physiological Society},
  volume={64 2},
UNLABELLED In this study we assessed the effects of the frequently used chemotherapeutic agent mitoxantrone (MTX) on dental pulp stem cells (DPSCs) and compared it with the response of human dermal fibroblasts (HDFs). DPSCs are valuable source of mesenchymal stem cells which may be extremely useful in a number of clinical applications. It is evident that both normal and tumor cells are being affected during therapy and characterization of these cells under genotoxic stress contributes to the… Expand
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