Mitomycin C in superficial bladder cancer: 24-month follow-up.


Twenty-three patients who were given intravesical Mitomycin C for treatment of superficial bladder cancer have been followed up for a further 12 and 24 months after an initial assessment 5 weeks after completing therapy. At 5 weeks 17 (74%) showed complete disappearance of tumour and 4 (17%) showed a partial response. Twelve months later 8 (35%) remained tumour-free and 15 (65%) had recurrences; 5 of these (22% of all patients) had progressed to invasive cancer. The results at 24 months were little different except that one further patient (27% in all) progressed to invasive cancer. Six patients with symptomatic carcinoma in situ became symptom-free after Mitomycin C, but despite remaining free of symptoms three have progressed to invasive cancer. This small series shows that involvement of large areas of bladder urothelium by tumour, carcinoma in situ and previous therapy for tumour are unfavourable prognostic indices.


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