Mitogenomic analyses of deep gnathostome divergences: a fish is a fish.

  title={Mitogenomic analyses of deep gnathostome divergences: a fish is a fish.},
  author={Ulfur Arnason and Anette Gullberg and Axel Janke and Jean J. Joss and Christian Elmerot},
It is commonly accepted that among recent fishes the lungfishes are the closest relatives of the tetrapods. According to this hypothesis, the tetrapods, lungfishes and coelacanths constitute a group of specialized fishes (Sarcopterygii) to the exclusion of other bony fishes. Here, we describe basal relationships among gnathostome (jawed) vertebrates as reconstructed by analysis of complete mitochondrial DNA sequences. The study includes all major extant groups of both tetrapods and fishes and… CONTINUE READING

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Biological reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society • 2014
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