Mitochondrial thiols in the regulation of cell death pathways.

  title={Mitochondrial thiols in the regulation of cell death pathways.},
  author={Fei Yin and Harsh Sancheti and Enrique Cadenas},
  journal={Antioxidants & redox signaling},
  volume={17 12},
SIGNIFICANCE Regulation of mitochondrial H(2)O(2) homeostasis and its involvement in the regulation of redox-sensitive signaling and transcriptional pathways is the consequence of the concerted activities of the mitochondrial energy- and redox systems. RECENT ADVANCES The energy component of this mitochondrial energy-redox axis entails the formation of reducing equivalents and their flow through the respiratory chain with the consequent electron leak to generate [Formula: see text] and H(2)O… CONTINUE READING
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