Mitochondrial targeted catalase suppresses invasive breast cancer in mice

  title={Mitochondrial targeted catalase suppresses invasive breast cancer in mice},
  author={Jorming Goh and Linda C. Enns and Soroosh Fatemie and Heather C. Hopkins and John Frederick Morton and Christina Pettan-Brewer and Warren C. Ladiges},
  booktitle={BMC Cancer},
Treatment of invasive breast cancer has an alarmingly high rate of failure because effective targets have not been identified. One potential target is mitochondrial generated reactive oxygen species (ROS) because ROS production has been associated with changes in substrate metabolism and lower concentration of anti-oxidant enzymes in tumor and stromal cells and increased metastatic potential. Transgenic mice expressing a human catalase gene (mCAT) were crossed with MMTV-PyMT transgenic mice… CONTINUE READING
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