Mitochondrial polymporphisms in Parkinson's Disease.

  title={Mitochondrial polymporphisms in Parkinson's Disease.},
  author={David Otaegui and C Pais{\'a}n and Amets S{\'a}enz and Itxaso Mart{\'i} and M. Ribate and Jose F. Marti-Masso and Jordi P{\'e}rez-Tur and Adolfo L{\'o}pez de Mun{\'a}in},
  journal={Neuroscience letters},
  volume={370 2-3},
The mtDNA polymorphisms A4336G, A10398G and T4216C have been associated with PD. While A4336G is thought to be a genetic risk factor, A10398G appears to be a protective factor and T4216C is only weakly associated with the disease. In this work we analyzed the association between these three genetic polymorphisms and PD in a Spanish-PD population. The samples were classified by ethnic origin in Basques or other origin. Our analysis confirm the association between A4336G and PD. Our results with… CONTINUE READING