Mitochondrial nitric-oxide synthase: role in pathophysiology.

  title={Mitochondrial nitric-oxide synthase: role in pathophysiology.},
  author={Virginia L Haynes and Sarah Liv Elfering and Rachel J Squires and Nathaniel J Traaseth and Joseph Solien and Adam Ettl and Cecilia Giulivi},
  journal={IUBMB life},
  volume={55 10-11},
The biochemistry of the mitochondrial production of nitric oxide is reviewed to gain insight into the basic role of this radical in mitochondrial and cellular oxidative metabolism. The mitochondrial production of nitric oxide is catalyzed by a nitric-oxide synthase (mtNOS). This enzyme has the same cofactor and substrate requirements as other constitutive nitric-oxide synthases. Its occurrence was demonstrated in various mitochondrial preparations from different organs and species using diverse… CONTINUE READING