Mitochondrial network size scaling in budding yeast.

  title={Mitochondrial network size scaling in budding yeast.},
  author={Susanne M. Rafelski and Matheus P Viana and Yi Zhang and Y M Chan and Kurt S. Thorn and Phoebe Yam and Jennifer C. Fung and Hao Li and Luciano da Fontoura Costa and Wallace F. Marshall},
  volume={338 6108},
Mitochondria must grow with the growing cell to ensure proper cellular physiology and inheritance upon division. We measured the physical size of mitochondrial networks in budding yeast and found that mitochondrial network size increased with increasing cell size and that this scaling relation occurred primarily in the bud. The mitochondria-to-cell size ratio continually decreased in aging mothers over successive generations. However, regardless of the mother's age or mitochondrial content, all… CONTINUE READING

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