Mitochondrial localization and photodamage during photodynamic therapy with tetraphenylporphines.

  title={Mitochondrial localization and photodamage during photodynamic therapy with tetraphenylporphines.},
  author={Erez Weizman and Chana Rothmann and Lior Greenbaum and Asher Shainberg and Mariusz Adamek and Benjamin Ehrenberg and Zvi Malik},
  journal={Journal of photochemistry and photobiology. B, Biology},
  volume={59 1-3},
The subcellular localization sites of TPPS4 and TPPS1 and the subsequent cellular site damage during photodynamic therapy were investigated in CT-26 colon carcinoma cells using spectroscopic and electron microscopy techniques. The association of both porphyrins with the mitochondria was investigated and the implications of this association on cellular functions were determined. Spectrofluorescence measurements showed that TPPS4 favors an aqueous environment, while TPPS1 interacts with… CONTINUE READING