Mitochondrial fatty acid synthesis type II: more than just fatty acids.

  title={Mitochondrial fatty acid synthesis type II: more than just fatty acids.},
  author={J Kalervo Hiltunen and Melissa S Schonauer and Kaija J. Autio and Telsa Mittelmeier and Alexander J Kastaniotis and Carol Dieckmann},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={284 14},
Eukaryotes harbor a highly conserved mitochondrial pathway for fatty acid synthesis (FAS), which is completely independent of the eukaryotic cytosolic FAS apparatus. The activities of the mitochondrial FAS system are catalyzed by soluble enzymes, and the pathway thus resembles its prokaryotic counterparts. Except for octanoic acid, which is the direct precursor for lipoic acid synthesis, other end products and functions of the mitochondrial FAS pathway are still largely enigmatic. In addition… CONTINUE READING


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