Mitochondrial Tim9 protects Tim10 from degradation by the protease Yme1

  title={Mitochondrial Tim9 protects Tim10 from degradation by the protease Yme1},
  author={Michael P. Spiller and Liang Guo and Qi Wang and Peter N. Tran and Hui Lu},
  booktitle={Bioscience reports},
Translocase of IM (inner membrane; Tim)9 and Tim10 are essential homologue proteins of the mitochondrial intermembrane space (IMS) and form a stable hexameric Tim9-Tim10 complex there. Redox-switch of the four conserved cysteine residues plays a key role during the biogenesis of these proteins and, in turn, the Tim proteins play a vital chaperone-like role during import of mitochondrial membrane proteins. However, the functional mechanism of the small Tim chaperones is far from solved and it is… CONTINUE READING


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