Mitochondrial Glycolysis in a Major Lineage of Eukaryotes

  title={Mitochondrial Glycolysis in a Major Lineage of Eukaryotes},
  author={Carolina R{\'i}o B{\'a}rtulos and Matthew Brian Rogers and Tom A. Williams and Eleni Gentekaki and Henner Brinkmann and R{\"u}diger Cerff and M F Liaud and Adrian B Hehl and Nigel Yarlett and Ansgar Gruber and Peter G Kroth and Mark van der Giezen},
  booktitle={Genome biology and evolution},
The establishment of the mitochondrion is seen as a transformational step in the origin of eukaryotes. With the mitochondrion came bioenergetic freedom to explore novel evolutionary space leading to the eukaryotic radiation known today. The tight integration of the bacterial endosymbiont with its archaeal host was accompanied by a massive endosymbiotic gene transfer resulting in a small mitochondrial genome which is just a ghost of the original incoming bacterial genome. This endosymbiotic gene… CONTINUE READING
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