Mitochondrial Gene Expression : A Playground of Evolutionary Tinkering

  title={Mitochondrial Gene Expression : A Playground of Evolutionary Tinkering},
  author={Aneesh T. Veetil and Gianni M. Di Guglielmo},
This article introduces the Mitochondria theme of the Annual Review of Biochemistry, Volume 85. 65 Click here to view this article's online features: • Download figures as PPT slides • Navigate linked references • Download citations • Explore related articles • Search keywords ANNUAL REVIEWS Further A nn u. R ev . B io ch em . 2 01 6. 85 :6 576 . D ow nl oa de d fr om w w w .a nn ua lr ev ie w s. or g A cc es s pr ov id ed b y U ni ve rs id ad d e B ue no s A ir es o n 09 /0 7/ 16 . F or p er… CONTINUE READING

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