Mitochondrial DNA variation in cultivated and wild potato species (Solanum spp.).

  title={Mitochondrial DNA variation in cultivated and wild potato species (Solanum spp.).},
  author={Nunzia Scotti and Salvatore Cozzolino and Teodoro Cardi},
  volume={50 8},
The European cultivated potato, Solanum tuberosum subsp. tuberosum, has 6 related cultivated species and more than 200 wild relatives. In Solanum spp., studies of cytoplasmic organelles have been mainly confined to the plastid DNA composition of cultivated and wild species. In this study, 53 genotypes of 30 potato species belonging to the subsections Estolonifera and Potatoe, 2 tomato species, and a black nightshade genotype were examined using PCR markers to evaluate mitochondrial DNA… CONTINUE READING

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