Mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms in Yunnan nationalities in China

  title={Mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms in Yunnan nationalities in China},
  author={Ya Ping Qian and Zheng-Tao Chu and Qin Dai and C Wei and Jia You Chu and Atsushi Tajima and Satoshi Horai},
  journal={Journal of Human Genetics},
AbstractNucleotide sequences of the D-loop region of human mitochondrial DNA from four Yunnan nationalities, Dai, Wa, Lahu, and Tibetan, were analyzed. Based on a comparison of 563-bp sequences in 99 people, 66 different sequence types were observed. Of these, 64 were unique to their respective populations, whereas only 2 types were shared between the Lahu and Wa nationalities. The D-loop sequence variation and phylogenetic analysis suggested that the 99 mtDNA lineages were classified into… CONTINUE READING