Mitochondrial DNA insertions in the nuclear horse genome.

  title={Mitochondrial DNA insertions in the nuclear horse genome.},
  author={Solomon George Nergadze and Manuel Lupotto and Paola Pellanda and Marco Andrea Santagostino and Valerio Vitelli and Elena Giulotto},
  journal={Animal genetics},
  volume={41 Suppl 2},
The insertion of mitochondrial DNA in the nuclear genome generates numts, nuclear sequences of mitochondrial origin. In the horse reference genome, we identified 82 numts and showed that the entire horse mitochondrial DNA is represented as numts without gross bias. Numts were inserted in the horse nuclear genome at random sites and were probably generated during the repair of DNA double-strand breaks. We then analysed 12 numt loci in 20 unrelated horses and found that null alleles, lacking the… CONTINUE READING

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