Mitochondrial DNA evidence for admixed origins of central Siberian populations.

  title={Mitochondrial DNA evidence for admixed origins of central Siberian populations.},
  author={Brigitte Pakendorf and Victor Wiebe and Larissa A. Tarskaia and Victor Alexeevich Spitsyn and Himla Soodyall and Alexander Rodewald and M. Stoneking},
  journal={American journal of physical anthropology},
  volume={120 3},
The Yakuts of northeastern Siberia are a Turkic-speaking population of horse- and cattle-breeders surrounded by Tungusic-speaking reindeer-herders and hunter-gatherers. Archaeological and ethnohistorical data suggest that Yakuts stem from a common ancestral population with the Buryats living near Lake Baikal. To address this hypothesis, we obtained sequences of the first hypervariable segment (HV1) of the mitochondrial DNA control region from Yakuts and Buryats and compared these with sequences… CONTINUE READING