Mitochondrial DNA damage in iron overload.

  title={Mitochondrial DNA damage in iron overload.},
  author={Xueshan Gao and Jian Li Campian and Mingwei Qian and Xiao-feng Sun and John W. Eaton},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={284 8},
Chronic iron overload has slow and insidious effects on heart, liver, and other organs. Because iron-driven oxidation of most biologic materials (such as lipids and proteins) is readily repaired, this slow progression of organ damage implies some kind of biological "memory." We hypothesized that cumulative iron-catalyzed oxidant damage to mtDNA might occur in iron overload, perhaps explaining the often lethal cardiac dysfunction. Real time PCR was used to examine the "intactness" of mttDNA in… CONTINUE READING