Mitochondrial DNA control region sequences from Nairobi (Kenya): inferring phylogenetic parameters for the establishment of a forensic database

  title={Mitochondrial DNA control region sequences from Nairobi (Kenya): inferring phylogenetic parameters for the establishment of a forensic database},
  author={A. Brandst{\"a}tter and C. Peterson and J. Irwin and Solomon Mpoke and D. Koech and W. Parson and Thomas J. Parsons},
  journal={International Journal of Legal Medicine},
  • A. Brandstätter, C. Peterson, +4 authors Thomas J. Parsons
  • Published 2004
  • Biology, Medicine
  • International Journal of Legal Medicine
  • Large forensic mtDNA databases which adhere to strict guidelines for generation and maintenance, are not available for many populations outside of the United States and western Europe. We have established a high quality mtDNA control region sequence database for urban Nairobi as both a reference database for forensic investigations, and as a tool to examine the genetic variation of Kenyan sequences in the context of known African variation. The Nairobi sequences exhibited high variation and a… CONTINUE READING
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