Mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosome variation in the caucasus.

  title={Mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosome variation in the caucasus.},
  author={Ivan Nasidze and Edmund Yew Siang Ling and Dominique Quinque and Isabelle Dupanloup and Richard Cordaux and S. Rychkov and Oksana Naumova and Olga Zhukova and Nizal Sarraf-Zadegan and Gholam Ali Naderi and Saeed Asgary and Semra Şardaş and Dariush. D FARHUD and Tamara F Sarkisian and Chingiz D Asadov and Anvar B. Kerimov and M. Stoneking},
  journal={Annals of human genetics},
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We have analyzed mtDNA HVI sequences and Y chromosome haplogroups based on 11 binary markers in 371 individuals, from 11 populations in the Caucasus and the neighbouring countries of Turkey and Iran. Y chromosome haplogroup diversity in the Caucasus was almost as high as in Central Asia and the Near East, and significantly higher than in Europe. More than… CONTINUE READING