Mitochondrial DNA and Y‐Chromosome Variation in the Caucasus

  title={Mitochondrial DNA and Y‐Chromosome Variation in the Caucasus},
  author={I. Nasidze and E. Y. Ling and D. Quinque and I. Dupanloup and R. Cordaux and S. Rychkov and O. Naumova and O. Zhukova and N. Sarrafzadegan and G. A. Naderi and S. Asgary and Ş. Sardaş and D. Farhud and T. Sarkisian and C. Asadov and A. Kerimov and M. Stoneking},
  journal={Annals of Human Genetics},
  • I. Nasidze, E. Y. Ling, +14 authors M. Stoneking
  • Published 2004
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Annals of Human Genetics
  • Key MethodWe have analyzed mtDNA HVI sequences and Y chromosome haplogroups based on 11 binary markers in 371 individuals, from 11 populations in the Caucasus and the neighbouring countries of Turkey and Iran. Y chromosome haplogroup diversity in the Caucasus was almost as high as in Central Asia and the Near East, and significantly higher than in Europe. More than 27% of the variance in Y-haplogroups can be attributed to differences between populations, whereas mtDNA showed much lower heterogeneity…Expand Abstract
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