Mitochondrial DNA analyses reveal widespread tardigrade diversity in Antarctica

  title={Mitochondrial DNA analyses reveal widespread tardigrade diversity in Antarctica},
  author={Alejandro Velasco-Castrill{\'o}n and S. McInnes and Mark B. Schultz and Mar{\'i}a Arr{\'o}niz-Crespo and Cyrille A. D’Haese and John A. E. Gibson and Byron J Adams and Timothy J Page and Andrew D. Austin and Steven J. B. Cooper and Mark I. Stevens},
Antarctica contains some of the most challenging environmental conditions on the planet due to freezing temperatures, prolonged winters and lack of liquid water. Whereas 99.7% of Antarctica is permanently covered by ice and snow, some coastal areas and mountain ridges have remained ice-free and are able to sustain populations of microinvertebrates. Tardigrades are one of the more dominant groups of microfauna in soil and limno-terrestrial habitats, but little is known of their diversity and… CONTINUE READING