Mitochondrial DNA Variability in Bosnians and Slovenians

  title={Mitochondrial DNA Variability in Bosnians and Slovenians},
  author={B. Malyarchuk and T. Grzybowski and M. Derenko and J. Czarny and K. Drobni{\vc} and D. Miścicka-Śliwka},
  journal={Annals of Human Genetics},
  • B. Malyarchuk, T. Grzybowski, +3 authors D. Miścicka-Śliwka
  • Published 2003
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Annals of Human Genetics
  • Mitochondrial DNA variability in two Slavonic‐speaking populations of the northwestern Balkan peninsula, Bosnians (N = 144) and Slovenians (N = 104), was studied by hypervariable segments I and II (HVS I and II) sequencing and restriction fragment‐length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis of the mtDNA coding region. The majority of the mtDNA detected in Southern Slavonic populations falls into the common West Eurasian mitochondrial haplogroups (e.g., H, pre‐V, J, T, U, K, I, W, and X). About 2% of… CONTINUE READING
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