Mitochondrial Complex I defects in aging

  title={Mitochondrial Complex I defects in aging},
  author={Giorgio Lenaz and Carla Bovina and Cinzia Castelluccio and Romana Fato and Gabriella Formiggini and Maria Luisa Genova and Mario Marchetti and Milena Merlo Pich and Francesco Pallotti and Giovanna Parenti Castelli and G. Biagini},
  journal={Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry},
According to the 'mitochondrial theory of aging' it is expected that the activity of NADH Coenzyme Q reductase (Complex I) would be most severely affected among mitochondrial enzymes, since mitochondrial DNA encodes for 7 subunits of this enzyme. Being these subunits the site of binding of the acceptor substrate (Coenzyme Q) and of most inhibitors of the… CONTINUE READING