Mitochondria-penetrating peptides: sequence effects and model cargo transport.

  title={Mitochondria-penetrating peptides: sequence effects and model cargo transport.},
  author={Lema F Yousif and Kelly M. Stewart and Kristin L Horton and Shana O. Kelley},
  journal={Chembiochem : a European journal of chemical biology},
  volume={10 12},
A class of mitochondria-penetrating peptides (MPPs) was studied in an effort to optimize their applications in the delivery of bioactive cargo to this therapeutically important organelle. The sequence requirements for mitochondrial entry were monitored, and it was discovered that while an alternating cationic/hydrophobic residue motif is not required, the inclusion of a stretch of adjacent cationic amino acids can impede access to the organelle. In addition, a variety of N- and C-terminal cargo… CONTINUE READING

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