Mitigation of injury in canine lung grafts by exogenous surfactant therapy.

  title={Mitigation of injury in canine lung grafts by exogenous surfactant therapy.},
  author={Richard J Novick and A A Gilpin and Ken Gehman and Imtiaz Ali and Rudy A. W. Veldhuizen and J Duplan and Lisa Denning and Fred Possmayer and D W Bjarneson and James F. Lewis},
  journal={The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery},
  volume={113 2},
BACKGROUND Exogenous surfactant therapy of lung donors improves the preservation of normal canine grafts. The current study was designed to determine whether exogenous surfactant can mitigate the damage in lung grafts induced by mechanical ventilation before procurement. METHODS AND RESULTS Five donor dogs were subjected to 8 hours of mechanical ventilation (tidal volume 45 ml/kg). This produced a significant decrease in oxygen tension (p = 0.007) and significant increases in bronchoscopic… CONTINUE READING


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