Misunderstood Marine Reptiles: Late Nineteenth-Century Artistic Reconstructions of Prehistoric Marine Life

  title={Misunderstood Marine Reptiles: Late Nineteenth-Century Artistic Reconstructions of Prehistoric Marine Life},
  author={Jane P. Davidson},
Various late nineteenth and early twentieth-century publications contained discussions and images of extinct marine reptiles. Articles about paleontology appeared in popular books and magazines, children's books and scientific publications. Some restorations of fossil marine reptiles were quite accurate in the context of contemporary scientific knowledge while others were not. This dichotomy might be expected in popular literature. But it also appears in publications written by and in… 


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I shot a female bird of this species at the highest camp on the Little Blackfoot River, near where it doubtless had raised a brood, as theyseek such clear rapid streams for that purpose in the Cascade Mountains.
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