Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa

  title={Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa},
  author={David N. Livingstone and Fred. S. Arnot}
VIEW of the Net Revenue of the Customs at St. Paul de Loanda in quinquennial periods from 1818-19 to 1843-44, both included; and thence in each year to 1848-49. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | | |Tonnage Dues,| | | Duties on | Duties on |Duties on | Duties on |Store Rents, | | Years. | Importation.|Exportation.|Re-export-| Slaves. | and other | | | | | ation. | | incidental | | | | | | | Receipts… Expand
Missionary Work in Kenya: An Evaluation of the Spread of Christianity in West Pokot County
The Church’s missionary endeavour derives its motivation from the “Great Commission” of Jesus Christ to all his followers to go out and proclaim the Gospel to the whole world (Mark 16:15). The GospelExpand
Charting the Frontier: Indigenous Geography, Arab-Nyamwezi Caravans, and the East African Expedition of 1856-59
This article develops a cross-cultural and material analysis of the work of the East African Expedition of 1856-59, during which Richard Burton and John Speke "discovered" Lakes Tanganyika andExpand
The Nguni outburst
THE AFRICAN PEOPLES OF SOUTH AFRICA, c. 1800 By the mid-eighteenth century the greater part of South Africa had been settled by Bantu-speaking peoples through a prolonged process which may have begunExpand
The Khwe and West Caprivi before Namibian independence: Matters of land, labour, power and alliance
The article outlines the pre-independence past of the Khwe in West Caprivi, one of Namibia’s San populations whose history is yet to be written. Besides consolidating material from previousExpand
'Copper, borders and nation-building' : the Katangese factor in Zambian political and economic history
This book is based on Enid Guene Master's thesis 'Copper, Borders and Nation-building: The Katangese Factor in Zambian Economic and Political History', runner-up in the African Studies Centre,Expand
The Interface of Christianity and Conservation in Colonial Malawi, c. 1850-1930
The study of the relationship between religion and the environment in Malawi has only recently begun to be appreciated. Christian missionaries in general did not actively promote the campaign forExpand
Kruger National Park river research : a history of conservation and the 'reserve' legislation in South Africa (1988-2000)
................................................................................................................................. II OPSOMMINGExpand
Problems in Kalahari Historical Ethnography and the Tolerance of Error
The !Kung San or Bushmen of Namibia and Botswana are one of the most thoroughly documented hunting and gathering societies in the annals of African anthropology. In recent years two radicallyExpand
The Mfecane as Alibi: Thoughts on Dithakong and Mbolompo
The ‘mfecane’ is a characteristic product of South African liberal history used by the apartheid state to legitimate South Africa's racially unequal land division. Some astonishingly selective use orExpand
The Discourse of 'Ritual Murder': Popular Reaction to Political Leaders in Botswana
Geschiere, for one, claims that ‘nearly everywhere on the con-tinent the state and politics seem to be true breeding grounds for modern trans-formations of witchcraft and sorcery’ (1999: 6). And JeanExpand


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        An Elephant-hunt --Offering and Prayers to the Barimo for Success --Native Mode of Expression --Working of Game-laws --A Feast
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            Banks of the Stream Chihune
              Boiling-point of water = 205-1/3 Deg.; Alt. = 3521 feet
                Book Review in Harper's New Monthly Magazine
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