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Missing Voices, Hidden Fields: The Gendered Struggles of Female Farmworkers

  title={Missing Voices, Hidden Fields: The Gendered Struggles of Female Farmworkers},
  author={Keiko A Budech},
4 Preface 5 Chapter 1-Introduction 6 California’s Agricultural Labor System 8 Literature Review: Absent Voices 13 A Valley Divided 24 Methodology 27 Chapter 2Lideres Campesinas: A Model of Gendered Leadership 32 Emergence of Lideres Campesinas 32 Organizational Philosophy 35 Uniting Black Feminist and Female Farmworker Organizing Models 49 Chapter 3The Silenced Self: Sexual Harassment and Domestic Violence 53 Sexual Harassment in the Fields 53 Domestic Violence 64 Chapter 4Pesticide Exposure… 
Bodies and Borders: Migrant Women Farmworkers and the Struggle for Sexual and Reproductive Justice in British Columbia, Canada
In 2016, nearly 7,000 Mexican men and women arrived in BC under the federally-administered Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP). While all farmworkers face similar workplace hazards, women
Women Workers in Agricultural Sector: A Literature Review
For any research, literature review is an essential part as it helps in identifying the area of research. Agriculture is the main source of sustenance for both developing and under developed


The power of the collective: battered migrant farmworker women creating safe spaces.
  • R. Rodriguez
  • Sociology
    Health care for women international
  • 1999
The use of a participatory action research (PAR) methodology to address the problem of domestic violence among migrant farmworker (MFW) women in California is described.
Examining the Sexual Harassment Experiences of Mexican Immigrant Farmworking Women
This study examined sexual harassment experiences of Mexican immigrant farmworking women employed on California farms to highlight how discrimination shapes women’s experiences and demonstrate the need for institutional policies to protect them.
Harassment of Female Farmworkers - Can the Legal System Help?
This paper provides an in depth and highly textured description of "sexual harassment" as experienced by female farmworkers in California. It explains how the harassment is affected by the extremity
Beyond the fields : Cesar Chavez, the UFW, and the struggle for justice in the 21st century
List of Illustrations Preface Acknowledgments Introduction 1. Cesar Chavez and the UFW: Revival of the Consumer Boycott 2. The UFW Boycott Transformed 3. Building the Clergy-Labor Alliance: Reviving
Mexican American women activists : identity and resistance in two Los Angeles communities
Acknowledgments 1. Introduction: Putting Women at the Center of Politics 2. Community Contexts and Controversies: The Barrio and the Suburb 3. The Politics of Community Identity in Eastside Los
Chicana Sexuality and Gender: Cultural Refiguring in Literature, Oral History, and Art
Acknowledgments ix Introduction 1 1. The Power of Representation: History, Memory, and the Cultural Refiguring of La Malinche's Lineage 13 2. Chicana Feminism: Spirituality, Sexuality, and Mexica
Farm labor, reproductive justice: Migrant women farmworkers in the US.
The importance of the reproductive justice framework to broader discussions of migrant worker justice and its role in realizing their right to health is suggested.
The Black Feminist Reader
Acknowledgements. Editorsa Introduction. List of Contributors. Part I: Literary Theory:. 1. The Race for Theory: Barbara Christian. 2. "Unspeakable Things Unspoken": The Afro--American Presence in
Culture and Domestic Violence: The Ecology of Abused Latinas
This study examines the predictors of domestic violence within a sample of 60 immigrant Latinas and points out the inadequacy of relying on any one existing theory and supports the idea of taking an ecological approach to the study of abuse in specific populations.
"Woman Power Will Stop Those Grapes": Chicana Organizers and Middle-Class Female Supporters in the Farm Workers' Grape Boycott in Philadelphia, 1969-1970
//T am a farm worker, born and raised in California. I am here in JL Philadelphia coordinating the international boycott of table grapes," announced Hope [Esperanza] LÃ3pez when she arrived in