Missing Shapiro steps in topologically trivial Josephson junction on InAs quantum well

  title={Missing Shapiro steps in topologically trivial Josephson junction on InAs quantum well},
  author={Matthieu C. Dartiailh and Joseph Cuozzo and Bassel Heiba Elfeky and William Mayer and Joseph Yuan and Kaushini S. Wickramasinghe and Enrico Rossi and Javad Shabani},
  journal={Nature Communications},
Josephson junctions hosting Majorana fermions have been predicted to exhibit a 4 π periodic current phase relation. One experimental consequence of this periodicity is the disappearance of odd steps in Shapiro steps experiments. Experimentally, missing odd Shapiro steps have been observed in a number of materials systems with strong spin-orbit coupling and have been interpreted in the context of topological superconductivity. Here we report on missing odd steps in topologically trivial… 

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