Missing Data Imputation for Time-Frequency Representations of Audio Signals


With the recent attention towards audio processing in the time-frequency domain we increasingly encounter the problem of missing data within that representation. In this paper we present an approach that allows us to recover missing values in the time-frequency domain of audio signals. The presented approach is able to deal with real-world polyphonic signals by operating seamlessly even in the presence of complex acoustic mixtures. We demonstrate that this approach outperforms generic missing data approaches, and we present a variety of situations that highlight its utility.

DOI: 10.1007/s11265-010-0512-7

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@article{Smaragdis2011MissingDI, title={Missing Data Imputation for Time-Frequency Representations of Audio Signals}, author={Paris Smaragdis and Bhiksha Raj and Madhusudana V. S. Shashanka}, journal={Signal Processing Systems}, year={2011}, volume={65}, pages={361-370} }