Misrepresenting A. Fisher v. U. Texas.


IN HIS EDITORIAL “Einstein v. Roberts” (25 March, p. 1371), S. J. Gates Jr. describes how minorities can add to the creative scientifi c process by bringing a dif erent perspective. He misses the point. Minorities bring their own perspective to every aspect of life, not just physics, and their views, insights, and approaches have the same value—no more, no less—as those of the rest of the population. We must continue to ask what unique perspectives each group brings to each fi eld of investigation. By asking this question, the answer will become obvious: It is not about minorities; it is about recognizing the value of every individual. Trying to remedy the victimization of minorities by isolating them as dif erent only results in the reversed victimization of nonminorities, and the social confl ict never ends. Let’s start a new trend: Let’s agree that the United States is home to 324 million minorities. That is my challenge. Sonsoles de Lacalle

DOI: 10.1126/science.aaf9588

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