Mise en évidence d'une soumission chimique à la niaprazine chez des enfants par analyse des cheveux en CL-SM/SM

  title={Mise en {\'e}vidence d'une soumission chimique {\`a} la niaprazine chez des enfants par analyse des cheveux en CL-SM/SM},
  author={Marion Villain and Emilie Vallet and Vincent Cirimele and Pascal Kintz},
  journal={Annales De Toxicologie Analytique},
La niaprazine, commercialisee sous la denomination de Nopron, est largement utilisee en France pour ses effets hypnotiques dans le cas des insomnies occasionnelles chez l'enfant. Ce produit est accessible sans ordonnance medicale. Le premier cas de la litterature impliquant l'administration repetitive de niaprazine comme arme chimique dans le but d'une agression sexuelle est presente ci-dessous. Trois enfants (2 filles et 1 garcon) ont ete sedates et agresses par leur beau-pere de facon repetee… 
Soumission chimique chez l'enfant : à propos d'un cas chez une fillette de 8 ans diagnostiqué en milieu hospitalier
Introduction  : Nous rapportons le cas d'une fillette de 8 ans vue aux urgences d'un centre hospitalier. Patient et methodes  : A son entree, la fillette marche difficilement, elle est euphorique et
Étude de cas Soumission chimique chez l'enfant : à propos d'un cas chez une fillette de 8 ans diagnostiqué en milieu hospitalier Drug-facilitated crime, an hospital case report involving a 8-year-old girl
In this case, valproic acid and ethanol in the blood sample allowed giving the alert and confirms that chemical submission is not only a legal issue, and hospitals should also be aware of this problem.
Identification and quantification of 35 psychotropic drugs and metabolites in hair by LC-MS/MS: application in forensic toxicology
A multianalytes method allowing simultaneous identification and quantification of 35 psychoactive drugs was developed and has been successfully used in several forensic cases, three of which are reported.
Surprising hair analysis results following acute carbofuran intoxication.


Ein Beitrag zur Histologie der Strangmarke
  • H. Roer, H. Koopmann
  • Medicine
    Deutsche Zeitschrift für die gesamte gerichtliche Medizin
  • 2005
Im Januar 1937 kam in unserem Insti tut ein T6tungs~Ml zur Sektion und gerichtsmedizinischen Begutachtung, tier die Differentialdiagnose notwendig m~chte: Erdrosselung intra vitam oder Erh~ngung post
A case of abuse in which children were forced to take tablets containing scopolamine: segmental analysis of hair for scopolamine by ultra performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
Seg segmental hair analysis of scopolamine was conducted using ultra performance liquid chromatography (UPLC)-tandem mass spectrometry (MS-MS), which is highly sensitive and specific, and enabled the measurements ofScopolamine at subpicogram-permilligram levels present in the hair segments.
Chemical Abuse in the Elderly: Evidence From Hair Analysis
Hair analysis may be a useful adjunct to conventional drug testing in sexual assault, and mass spectrometry/mass spectromaetry technologies appear to be required for analyses in drug-facilitated cases.
A case of drug-facilitated sexual assault leading to death by chloroform poisoning
The post-mortem analysis revealed a blood concentration of 833.9 mg/l for the girl, whereas the quantitation of chloroform in various fluids and viscera of the rapist proved that he had recently been handling the solvent.
Current Clinical Aspects of Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assaults in Sexually Abused Victims Examined in a Forensic Emergency Unit
  • B. Marc
  • Medicine
    Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • 2008
Clinical aspects of drug-facilitated sexual assault encountered in emergency departments at the beginning of the 21st century and the experience of an emergency forensic medicine unit based at a hospital are reported.
Criminal poisoning: drug-facilitated sexual assault.