Mise au point sur la pathogenèse des fentes médianes de la main

  title={Mise au point sur la pathogen{\`e}se des fentes m{\'e}dianes de la main},
  author={S. Gu{\'e}ro and M. Holder-Espinasse},
  journal={Hand surgery and rehabilitation},
Cleft Hand or Split Hand Foot Malformation (SHFM) is a sequence of phenotypes, from a minor shortening of the central digit to a complete absence of the third ray and, in the most severe cases, absence of two, three or four rays. It is a rare but spectacular presentation involving usually both hands and feet. Retrospective study of a single operator series on 51 patients over the past 30 years We used a new classification based on genetics. In each sub-group, report of the phenotypes and… Expand