Miscellaneous Sumerian Texts, III

  title={Miscellaneous Sumerian Texts, III},
  author={{\AA}ke W. Sj{\"o}berg},
  journal={Journal of Cuneiform Studies},
  pages={62 - 80}
This is a hymn to the goddess Nininsina: za3-mi2-zu dulo-ga-am3, "your praise is sweet" (rev. 21). CBS 14065 has been collated by the writer; the many corrections to and improvements on Chiera's copy have been marked by an asterisk * before the collated sign. U 17900K has not been collated. About 35-40 lines are broken away from the end of the obverse and the beginning of the reverse. Kramer2 read the Louvre literary catalogue TCL 15 28:60 as [ni]n me-lam2-zu and compared it to SEM 100:1… Expand
Demons in the conclusion of Lugalbanda in Hurrumkurra
The Sumerian epic of Lugalbanda in Hurrumkurra has not yet been edited in its entirety, but important contributions have been made in particular by CI. Wilcke and W. W. Hallo (Wilcke 1969, HalloExpand
Nimrod Before and After the Bible
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Temple / Sacred Prostitution in Ancient Mesopotamia Revisited. Religion in the Economy
In Ugarit-Forschungen 30 and elsewhere, Assante vigorously argues on behalf of three striking and rather novel propositions: (1) There is no Sumerian or Akkadian word meaning “prostitute / sexExpand
A New Join to the Hurro-Akkadian Version of the Weidner God List from Emar (Msk 74.108a + Msk 74.158k)
Abstract The present article offers an edition, copy and photographs of a newly identified join to the Hurro-Akkadian bilingual tablet of the so-called Weidner god list from Emar. The new fragmentExpand
Another recension of Išme-Dagan O: BM 114862 (CT 58 25)
BM 114862 (1921-2-12, 3) is a fragmentary one-column tablet, a copy of which was published as CT 58 25. The provenance of the tablet is unknown; it was acquired from the dealer J. E. Gejou. Its sizeExpand
Ein Compendium sumerisch-akkadischer Beschwörungen
Ein Compendium sumerischakkadischer Beschworungen M Denken und Handeln gehort zu den augenfalligsten Charakteristika der altorientalischen Kultur: Bedrohungen des Menschen, insbesondere durchExpand


1 x-x-~i-bar-re7-ne7 25'. gi~s-gu-za-zu [x x] x x be2-ni-ge-en [x] gidri-zu ma-da
    20'. ru41-da be2-x x den.-il2-le x x x
      Su-il2-la-zu x x ba-ra-x
        ] / den-lilj2 lugal-kur-kur-ra-ke4 ni3-na-me nam-Sitax(SILA3) a-ra-zu x urs-da be2-x
          nam-ti u4 du6-ul-la x bu-ma-ra-x
          • a,-rge-guru71-a-zu (x) bu-mu-ra-x
          r-kur-re be2-em?-da-•e17-de3 nam-nun-bi ak
            x x-zu x x x-la be2-ni-us2