Misbrookea, a new monotypic genus removed from Werneria s.1. (Compositae: Senecioneae)

  title={Misbrookea, a new monotypic genus removed from Werneria s.1. (Compositae: Senecioneae)},
  author={Vicki A. Funk},
  • V. Funk
  • Published 2008
  • Biology
  • Brittonia
A new genus is described based on a species formerly found in Werneria s.1. It is named after a collector, Miss Winifred M. A. Brooke. The new genus, Misbrookea, is confined to dry, high-elevation areas in Peru and northern Bolivia. It is distinguished by its unusual, long, multicellular hairs that cover the leaves and involucre of the plant, the style apices with long, multicellular hairs and apparent vascular traces, and the pale or silvery gray-green color of the leaves and involucre. 

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