Mirrors without Memories: Truth, History, and the New Documentary

  title={Mirrors without Memories: Truth, History, and the New Documentary},
  author={Linda Ruth Williams},
  journal={Film Quarterly},

On the Outside: film-making as story-telling through introspective re-enactment, and the significance of anonymity in the spoken word

ABSTRACT On the Outside (On the Outside. 2019. Film. Directed by Paul Gray. UK: Good Well Films), is a 42 minute film that is the outcome of a participatory film project involving women serving


Dijital teknik olanakların yaygınlaşması medyatik eğlence anlayışını değiştirmiştir. Yeni medya ekosistemi içerisinde belgesel yapımı, yeni katılımcı biçimler üzerinden gerçekleşmeye başlamıştır. Bu

‘Tension and release and tension and…’: The Ethics of Narrative and Aesthetic Construction in Contemporary Streaming True Crime Docuseries

The critical and commercial success of the contemporary American long-form true crime docuseries has rapidly codified a series of narrative practices, particularly in works developed by streaming

Tracing the Story of Food Across Food Systems

  • S. Khan
  • Art
    Frontiers in Communication
  • 2022
This paper addresses the impulse to render systemic food systems issues into stories in light of ongoing challenges such as food scares, food fraud, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Such stories about food

Testimonies, Landscapes, and Reenactments in Im Heung-Soon's Documentary Works

Bridging between documentary cinema and media installations that focus on portraying the traumatized memories of the marginalized subjects who experienced national or postcolonial violence, Korean

In the pursuit of the authentic cinema. A comparative study of two films about the 22. July 2011 terrorist attack in Norway

Films often tries to portray or represent historical events and the dominant mode of representation is the pursuit of an authenticity feeling. No matter whether it is a documentary or fiction, the

Formal Changes and Features of Japanese Private Documentaries Since the 1990s

As movies entered the digital age, they quickly changed from group creation to individual creation. In particular, documentary films began to produce diverse and excellent works while dealing with

Reel cruelty: Voyeurism and extra-juridical punishment in true-crime documentaries

This paper takes as its point of departure the newly resurgent controversy about whether the possible civic or pedagogical functions of true-crime documentaries outweigh the harm they are



From Hitler to Heimat: The Return of History as Film

Part 1 Images of history - postwar German films and the Third Reich: the politics of representation the flight from memory the return of the repressed. Part 2 Germany as myth - Hans Jurgen

Shoah : an oral history of the Holocaust : the complete text of the film

The postmodern condition : a report on knowledge

Many definitions of postmodernism focus on its nature as the aftermath of the modern industrial age when technology developed. This book extends that analysis to postmodernism by looking at the

Documentary Is/Not a Name

There is no such thing as documentary-whether the term designates a category of material, a genre, an approach, or a set of techniques. This assertion-as old and as fundamental as the antagonism

The Political Unconscious: Narrative as a Socially Symbolic Act

In this ground-breaking and influential study Fredric Jameson explores the complex place and function of literature within culture. At the time Jameson was actually writing the book, in the mid to