Mirrors without Memories: Truth, History, and the New Documentary

  title={Mirrors without Memories: Truth, History, and the New Documentary},
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On the Outside: film-making as story-telling through introspective re-enactment, and the significance of anonymity in the spoken word
ABSTRACT On the Outside (On the Outside. 2019. Film. Directed by Paul Gray. UK: Good Well Films), is a 42 minute film that is the outcome of a participatory film project involving women servingExpand
In the pursuit of the authentic cinema. A comparative study of two films about the 22. July 2011 terrorist attack in Norway
Films often tries to portray or represent historical events and the dominant mode of representation is the pursuit of an authenticity feeling. No matter whether it is a documentary or fiction, theExpand
Testimonies, Landscapes, and Reenactments in Im Heung-Soon's Documentary Works
Bridging between documentary cinema and media installations that focus on portraying the traumatized memories of the marginalized subjects who experienced national or postcolonial violence, KoreanExpand
Formal Changes and Features of Japanese Private Documentaries Since the 1990s
As movies entered the digital age, they quickly changed from group creation to individual creation. In particular, documentary films began to produce diverse and excellent works while dealing withExpand
Methods and Approaches to Documentary Influence
The documentary film has seen many experimental approaches taken to its form, presentation, and technology since its inception as a social change method of persuasion. This chapter examines the sevenExpand
Reel cruelty: Voyeurism and extra-juridical punishment in true-crime documentaries
This paper takes as its point of departure the newly resurgent controversy about whether the possible civic or pedagogical functions of true-crime documentaries outweigh the harm they are occasiona...
Documenting and Popularising British nuclear power: Exploring science infotainment
The purpose of this paper is to explore how British documentaries on nuclear power offer insight into the relationship between science information and entertainment, and between science and theExpand


Postmodernism, or, the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism
expressionism in painting, existentialism in philosophy, the final forms of representation in the novel, the films of the great auteurs, or the modernist school of poetry (as institutionalized andExpand
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A L'Age du temoignage: Shoah de Claude Lanzmann
  • Au sujet de Shoah: le film de Claude Lanzmann
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Documentary Is/Not a Name
There is no such thing as documentary-whether the term designates a category of material, a genre, an approach, or a set of techniques. This assertion-as old and as fundamental as the antagonismExpand
Film Truth: From 'Kino Pravda' to Who Killed Vincent Chin? and The Thin Blue Line
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Optioning Time: Writing The Thin Blue Line
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From Hitler to Heimat: The Return of History as Film
Part 1 Images of history - postwar German films and the Third Reich: the politics of representation the flight from memory the return of the repressed. Part 2 Germany as myth - Hans JurgenExpand