Mirror symmetry and exact solution of 4D $N = 2$ gauge theories: I

  title={Mirror symmetry and exact solution of 4D \$N = 2\$ gauge theories: I},
  author={Sheldon Katz and Peter Mayr and C. Vafa},
  journal={Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics},
  • S. KatzP. MayrC. Vafa
  • Published 13 June 1997
  • Mathematics
  • Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
Using geometric engineering in the context of type II strings, we obtain exact solutions for the moduli space of the Coulomb branch of all N=2 gauge theories in four dimensions involving products of SU gauge groups with arbitrary number of bi-fundamental matter for chosen pairs, as well as an arbitrary number of fundamental matter for each factor. Asymptotic freedom restricts the possibilities to SU groups with bi-fundamental matter chosen according to ADE or affine ADE Dynkin diagrams. Many of… 

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