Mirror, mirror, on the wall, will my submission say it all?


Now there was this queen who was the most beautiful woman in the whole land, and she was very proud of her beauty. She stood in front of her mirror every morning, and asked: Mirror, mirror, on the wall, Who in this land is fairest of all? And the mirror always said: You, my queen, are fairest of all. And then she knew for certain that no one in the world was more beautiful than she. You, my queen, are fair; it's true. But Little Snow-White is still A thousand times fairer than you [1] We do this all the time don't we? Looking for recognition of our abilities, be it beauty, brawn or brains. Be it friendship, love, music, or writing, we constantly hound our mirror with the same question: " Am I the best? " And does this obsession extend to something as professional as getting a research paper published? Yes, it does. The process of publishing a research paper begins right from the time you conceive the idea. And this includes all your efforts in polishing the data, reviewing available literature, writing the proposal, seeking peer reviews, hunting for funding, and preparing presentations to market your proposal. Not to mention all those sacrifices you made, that movie you never went to or that golf game you gave up. A research paper is a major investment of time, energy, and effort. No wonder then, that it is a pretty bad scene out there, with stillborn ideas stolen from previously published journals, data left un-analyzed for reasons unknown and worse still, analyses that didn't yield the expected results. Most of the novices in this game are bowled out in the first over with the " R " word. Rejection is part and parcel of Publishing but how many of us accept the fact that our work may at some point, go into the " Rejection Pile " ? Half-complete papers because of half-baked information, non-cooperative co-authors, sudden lack of inspiration to write, these are just some self-created reasons for your manuscript to reach the R pile. And like the proverbial " mirror on the wall always calls the queen the fairest of them all " , we want to see those lovely words " Paper accepted " etched on our manuscript. How does one cope with rejection? What must you do to keep your spirit and enthusiasm up and …

DOI: 10.2349/biij.3.1.e1

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