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Mirpuri immigrants in England: A sociolinguistic survey

  title={Mirpuri immigrants in England: A sociolinguistic survey},
  author={Michael Lothers and Laura Lothers},
More than half a million Mirpuri people, originally from northeast Pakistan, now live in England. Mirpuri immigrants in the UK are primarily located in Yorkshire. This survey uses questionnaires and observation to evaluate language attitude and use patterns. It looks at the distribution of Mirpuri people in England; language attitudes and vitality; and reports comprehensibility with Pahari/Pothowari dialects in Pakistan. Language attitudes are high and practices that maintain contact with their… Expand
Missing from the ‘minority mainstream’: Pahari-speaking diaspora in Britain
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The role of Muslim devotional practices in the reversal of language shift
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Sociolinguistic Factors Influencing English Language Learning
  • J. Bakos
  • Sociology
  • Advances in Linguistics and Communication Studies
  • 2019
This chapter examines processes of language variation and change that take place in all languages, with a focus on English. Sociolinguists have observed that demographic and social variables such asExpand
Challenging the discursive positioning of young British Muslims through the multilingual performance of devotional song and poetry
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Sacred language acquisition in superdiverse contexts
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The Rhotic Pronunciation of Anglo-English and Punjabi-English Bilingual Speakers in West Yorkshire
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Marriage and masculinities in motion: Examining the migrant husband’s experience in Birmingham’s British Pakistani community
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FACE and GOAT realisations from six female Bradford Panjabi-English speakers were observed to follow the characteristic pattern of other Asian- (and multicultural-) Englishes with significantly lowerExpand
Language and Literacy Development in Children Learning English as an Additional Language: a Longitudinal Cohort and Vocabulary Intervention Study
Children learning English as an Additional Language (EAL) are a growing but understudied population of learners in English primary schools. As EAL learners vary in their amount of exposure toExpand
An acoustic analysis of Pahari oral vowels
Abstract The aim of the current study is to present an acoustic account of the twelve oral vowels of Pahari by analyzing their formant pattern (F1 and F2) and duration. T o achieve this aim, anExpand


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