Mirjana Gross (1922–2012): In Memoriam

  title={Mirjana Gross (1922–2012): In Memoriam},
  author={Filip {\vS}imetin {\vS}egvi{\'c} and Nikolina {\vS}imetin {\vS}egvi{\'c}},
  journal={Austrian History Yearbook},
  pages={297 - 300}
MIRJANA GROSS, ONE OF CROATIA’S MOST EMINENT HISTORIANS, died on 23 July 2012. As a scholar of the “long nineteenth century” and the history of historiography, her work became widely recognized beyond the borders of Croatia. Only a few months ago, members of various generations of Croatian scholars assembled to honor Professor Mirjana Gross’ on her ninetieth birthday. The event was organized by the Department of History at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, Professor Gross…