Mirizzi's syndrome: experience from a multi-institutional review.

  title={Mirizzi's syndrome: experience from a multi-institutional review.},
  author={Lester Wayne Johnson and J Kenneth Sehon and Won Chan Lee and Gazi B. Zibari and John C. McDonald},
  journal={The American surgeon},
  volume={67 1},
P.L. Mirizzi described in 1948 a partial or spastic obstruction of the common hepatic duct secondary to an impacted gallstone in the cystic duct or infundibulum of the gallbladder. The modern definition of Mirizzi's syndrome is thought to include four components: anatomic arrangement of the cystic duct at the gallbladder neck such that it runs parallel to the common hepatic duct; impaction of a stone in the cystic duct or neck of the gallbladder; mechanical obstruction of the common hepatic… CONTINUE READING


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