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Miriquidica genus novum Lecanoracearum (Ascomycetes lichenisati)

  title={Miriquidica genus novum Lecanoracearum (Ascomycetes lichenisati)},
  author={Hannes Hertel and Gerhard Rambold},
Miriquidica invadens, an obligate youth parasite on Sporastatia, with remarks and a key to species of the M. griseoatra group
The new species Miriquidica invadens Hafellner, Obermayer & Tretiach is described and reported from Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Switzerland, France and Spain, in which it is, so far, the only constantly lichenicolous taxon.
The circumscription and phylogenetic position of Bryonora (Lecanoraceae, Ascomycota), with two additions to the genus
The phylogenetic position of the genus Bryonora and its segregate Bryodina is assessed for the first time, using a six-locus phylogeny comprising the Lecanoraceae as well as closely related families.
Australidea (Malmideaceae, Lecanorales), a new genus of lecideoid lichens, with notes on the genus Malcolmiella
The systematic position of this genus remains unclear, although phylogenetic analysis suggests its affinities lie with a group of genera that includes Bryobilimbia Fryday et al., Romjularia Timdal and Clauzadea Hafellner & Bellem.
New records of arctic-alpine lichens from the Russian Far East
Abstract: Yakovchenko, L., Davydov, E. A., Paukov, A., Konoreva, L., Chesnokov, S. & Ohmura, Y. 2020. New records of arctic-alpine lichens from the Russian Far East. – Herzogia 33: 455 – 472. New
Coalescent-Based Species Delimitation Approach Uncovers High Cryptic Diversity in the Cosmopolitan Lichen-Forming Fungal Genus Protoparmelia (Lecanorales, Ascomycota)
This study inferred the phylogeny of 18 species currently assigned to this genus based on 160 specimens and six markers and suggested the presence of a tropical and an extra-tropical lineage, and eleven previously unrecognized distinct species-level lineages in Protoparmelia s.l.
New, rare and noteworthy lichens in the Giant Mountains
A commented list of 19 particularly interesting and noteworthy lichen species collected recently in the Giant Mts (Karkonosze, Krkonoše) is given. Most of them were found on the basalt outcrop in the
Myochroidea, a new genus of corticolous, crustose lichens to accommodate the Lecidea leprosula group
The new lichen genus Myochroidea is described to accommodate four species of the Lecidea leprosula group and M. rufofusca are reported as new to North America.
Ameliella, a new genus of lichen-forming fungi from north-west Europe and western Canada
It is proposed to accommodate two inconspicuous, undescribed species, A. andreaeicola and A. grisea, collected from high altitude in the Scottish Highlands, and the new genus appears to have some affinity with Miriquidica.
Ramalinora (Rama1inaceae)-a New Lichen Genus from Australia
A new genus, Ramalinora, in the family Ramalinaceae, is described, which includes one species, the Australian endemic R. glaucolivida, formerly placed in Lecanora, and is described here under the name Rarnalinora.