Miracle Publics: Theosophy, Christianity, and the Coulomb Affair*

  title={Miracle Publics: Theosophy, Christianity, and the Coulomb Affair*},
  author={J. Barton Scott},
  journal={History of Religions},
  pages={172 - 196}
  • J. Scott
  • Published 1 November 2009
  • Art
  • History of Religions
With an eye to recent scholarship that theorizes the contemporary relations of religion, publicity, and secularity, this essay returns to an earlier moment in the unfolding of global modernity: the colonial and occult late nineteenth century. It analyzes documents from the Coulomb Affair of 1884– 85 in order to ask how various participants in that scandal conceived of the public sphere and its purchase upon the truthful, the divine, and the real—a complex of concerns distilled by the… 
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Science as a Vocation

… Scientific work is chained to the course of progress; whereas in the realm of art there is no progress in the same sense. It is not true that the work of art of a period that has worked out new

Indeed, one might take this as the point of Viswanathan's analysis of Theosophy's bureaucratic obsessions in "The Ordinary Business of Occultism

  • Dark Continents: Psychoanalysis and Colonialism
  • 2003

The Politics of the Possible," in "The Nature and Context of Minority Discourse II

  • Cultural Critique
  • 1987